Before Rangers unveil their MLB City Connect uniforms, let’s rank the others (2024)

The Rangers will unveil their Nike City Connect uniforms on Monday, becoming the 16th team to join the CCC (City Connect Club). We’re excited! If there is anything we love, it’s a good merchandising play!

Ha, we’re just kidding. We are looking forward to seeing how the Rangers — a team that doesn’t wear the name of any city on its uniform — can pull off the City Connect challenge and kind of reimagine a branding campaign.

We’ll be all over the unveiling. But until then, you’ll just have to do with our rankings of the other City Connects so far. And look, if there is one thing sportswriters know: Fashion. OK, maybe not. And to be honest, the idea for the City Connect is to reach a younger demographic than baseball has skewed towards in recent years. Think: nontraditional.

So maybe sportswriters aren’t the ultimate authority. That’s why we called in a secondary voice to help rank the jerseys: My stepdaughter. Natalie is expertly qualified. Not only is she 23 and quite hip, but her college degree also led her to a job in the fashion industry. Also, she’s incredibly snarky. And I mean that as a compliment.

Before Rangers unveil their MLB City Connect uniforms, let’s rank the others (1)


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Rangers bid adieu to red uniform tops under baseball’s new uniform guidelines

We didn’t provide her with the back stories on the jerseys, just asked her to look at them and give us her feedback. If you ask me, MLB and Nike should have gotten together with her on this whole project.

Here are our top-to-bottom rankings with Natalie’s expert analysis:

1. Miami Marlins

As somebody who covered the Marlins in the days of teal caps, teal pinstripes and teal undershirts, I’ve got an affinity for their uniforms in general. This is such a cool turn from the obvious choices: Miami Vice, something beachy or, worse yet, something that looked like it came straight out of “the club.”

Going all red is a choice. But the teal outlines bring it back to the Marlins, you know. The uniforms pay tribute to the city’s Cuban population and Little Havana with a nod to the Havana Sugar Kings. The Marlins city connects should be arty. These are works of art.

Natalie says: “This one has good vibes and good stripes. But I’m a sucker for a nice stripe.”

2. Los Angeles Angels

It’s a nod to the board culture of Orange County: Surf and skate. Southern California also has great kitsch. And these pull that altogether. I would not have expected that from a franchise where everything feels forced (see the rock formation in center field) and which once turned a classic logo into something you’d find in a Disney cartoon. And not a particularly entertaining one.

Natalie says: “This has the potential for a cool vintage look but it falls a little flat. I need some Angel wings or something.”

3. San Francisco Giants

Giants fans didn’t like ‘em. Orange looked too much like something you’d find on a street barricade. And the hats are, well, a choice. But I love the Golden Gate bridge detail on the sleeves and the fog creeping up the “G” on the chest. As ESPN said, this one “feels more timeless” than many of the City Connect jerseys. Think that’s why these are the top three on my list: They don’t feel temporary and gimmicky. Feel like they could stand the test of time.

Natalie says: “I’m confused why the designs are so delicate on this one. Shouldn’t a giant be bold and in your face?”

4. Atlanta Braves

A modern update to a classic.

The @Braves City Connect uniforms honor Hank Aaron and are made for The A.

— MLB (@MLB) March 27, 2023

The mid-70s Braves were the teams I first loved. They didn’t win but hit lots of homers and had Hank Aaron. So anything that throws back to that time, as the geometric shapes on the sleeves do, is good with me.

Also like “The A” logo on the breastplate as it’s a nod to Atlanta’s hip-hop community. These are much better nicknames than “Hotlanta” (cringe). The 715 inscribed on the collar is a nod to the greatest sports moment in Atlanta history, because it went beyond sports.

If anything, it just bears too much of a resemblance to the mid-70s uniforms. If that’s a criticism.

Natalie says: “The big A has potential, but the sleeves get too geometric for my tastes. I say commit to the retro more bravely – pun intended.”

5. Washington Nationals

How can a club be both bold but safe with a uniform design? The Nats did it. The obvious choice would be something presidential or govern-y. But that also feels likes a real, um, political minefield. So the Nats went for the cherry blossom, a symbol of spring in D.C. that everybody can agree on. And Nats fans agreed this was an inspired jersey.

Listen, D.C. has had enough controversies and enough uniform scandals to last itself a while. This was a great choice all the way around.

Natalie says: “I’m loving the pink and gray juxtaposition. Wish they’d commit more to the flowers, though. Sports needs more flowers.”

6. Chicago White Sox

You knew the White Sox were gonna bring the 🔥 for their Nike City Connect jerseys, and they did not disappoint.

— MLB (@MLB) May 28, 2021

Is there such a style as “Graffiti Gothic?” If not, the White Sox just created it and with panache. The “Southside” logo is a clear tribute to the White Sox loyal, if smallish, fan base. The logo artfully blends old and modern. And the all black look is Raider-esque. It works with the team and its fan base.

Natalie says: This one’s slick. It’s like “let’s rob a bank, but with style and athleticism!”

7. Arizona Diamondbacks

Las Serpientes de Arizona. 🐍

The @Dbacks Nike City Connect unis were made for the desert. 🌵

— MLB (@MLB) June 13, 2021

Honestly, the serpentine “S” in the logo is better than any snake design elements the D-backs have thrown out in their 25 year history of color confusion. This is a team that went from purple and teal to red and black as primary colors.

And it’s always struggled with how to best incorporate the snake element into the logo. Like the “Serpientes” across the front as a nod to the state’s Hispanic heritage. “Serpientes” sounds cooler than “Diamondbacks,” too. Just being honest.

As appropriate as the jersey color is – Arizona is, let’s face it, sandy and dusty – it just feels a little boring. Then again, the D-backs’ attempts at “not boring” in the past seem like giant fails.

Natalie says: “The snake font is neat but the yellow/beige is a little dull. It needs more snake-y spice.”

8. Colorado Rockies

The mountains and dark pine green has gotten mostly positive reviews. ESPN ranked them No. 1. We say: Pfft. The mountains are an obvious choice, of course. But this looks too much like a softball uniform for me. And I feel like the pants shouldn’t blend right into the mountain logo (I believe Colorado wore the tops with regular pants once this season). All I see when I look at them is Champ Kind from The Legend of Ron Burgundy. It screams leisure suit.

Natalie says: “I’m sorry but it’s really giving me a ‘Your Coors Light can is finally cold’ vibe.

9. Kansas City Royals

It's all in the details. ⛲️#TogetherRoyal

— Kansas City Royals (@Royals) April 25, 2022

Kansas Citians — Kansas Citites? — love their water fountains. And the KC logo on this jersey pays homage to that. It may be a bit difficult for an outsider to initially get that from the logo, but that’s the case. I will give the Royals credit for sticking with Royal blue as their primary color. And besides Kansas City and the blues go together really well. Feels like the Royals toed a fine line between knowing their fan base and trying to do something different.

Natalie says: “I’m not sure I feel connected to Kansas City at all by looking at this, but the big KC design on the front is intriguing. In a good way.”

10. Houston Astros

Look, I could try to describe this, but let’s just leave it to the expert because I don’t think it can be summed up better than what Natalie had to say ...

Natalie says: “I feel like anyone wearing this is about to tell me that they just had to shut down Space Mountain for technical difficulties.”

11. Boston Red Sox

The @RedSox City Connect jerseys>>>

— MLB (@MLB) April 17, 2021

Can appreciate the “Boston Strong” nod here after the campaign following the Boston Marathon. For Bostonians, it means a lot. And that’s the point of the City Connect project, right? But to an outsider, it still just doesn’t compute to see the “Red” Sox in blue and yellow.

Natalie says: “Hmmm, I wanted to like it, but it also reminds me a bit of a giant Yellow Pages book. Yellow is a tough color, so I give them credit.”

12. San Diego Padres

The @Padres City Connect jerseys are here to bring the heat.

— MLB (@MLB) July 1, 2022

Feel like it’s the most polarizing of the City Connect line. And give the Padres credit for trying, but they tried too hard. Two-tone logos just don’t do it for me. Gives me an anxiety attack every time I see them. All I can do is just feel sorry that Yu Darvish must wear these on occasion. He deserves better.

Natalie says: “My first thought was Miami Vice or those turquoise jazz [paper] cups from the ‘90s. This is fun, but don’t let the frat boys get to it.”

13. Milwaukee Brewers

According to ESPN, “The Brewers took design inspiration from the People’s Flag of Milwaukee, the city’s summer skies, its grilling culture and Lake Michigan. They used Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport’s abbreviation, MKE, on their cap while using the team’s nickname with fans -- Brew Crew -- across the front of the jersey.” Great, but couldn’t they have worked in a bratwurst somewhere? The logo is reminiscent of Milwaukee Tools. It feels like that’s the font they should have used.

Natalie says: “I’m not sure what a brewer is but I would have expected something resembling a cool craft beer type logo. This does not make me want to drink a brewski.”

14. Chicago Cubs

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and the @nikediamond Cubs City Connect Series collection is inspired by #All77 of them.#CubTogether ➡️

— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) June 8, 2021

There are a lot of elements to like about this uniform, namely the cap, which has a red star inside a C. A lot of other nice small touches. But the focus is the jersey and the Wrigley Field marquee font just doesn’t work. So much to like about the Cubs efforts - all the city neighborhood names are incorporated - but really all you see is a sea of navy blue.

“Meh. It’s just blue? I’m bored with this one. Could they at least put a bear?”

15. Los Angeles Dodgers

On the 40th anniversary of Fernandomania, the Dodgers' Nike City Connect uniforms salute the team’s connection with its Latino fanbase.

You’ll see Los Dodgers in these tomorrow.

— MLB (@MLB) August 19, 2021

Maybe when you’ve got a uniform as iconic as the Dodgers, you can just ignore the email from Nike. It feels like that’s what they should have done. This doesn’t even qualify as a try.

Natalie says: “Pass. Or should I say ‘dodge.’ I’d write “Los Dodgers” in a cool spray paint font instead of just the sleeve border.”

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Before Rangers unveil their MLB City Connect uniforms, let’s rank the others (2024)


What is the Texas Rangers uniform? ›

To be dressed appropriately, Rangers are required to wear a western hat, a dress shirt, a tie, a dress coat, appropriate pants, western belt, western boots, and the official Texas Ranger badge pinned above the left shirt pocket. An approved handgun should be worn in a waist holster at all times.

How many uniforms do the Rangers have? ›

Per Nike's new rules, there are four uniforms allowed, plus a “city connect” uniform, which the Rangers had last season. They chose the red uniform tops that read Texas on the front, as the one they would eliminate for the 2023 season.

What are the Cubs City Connect colors? ›

Introduced in 2021

Chicago Cubs, dark blue with sky blue accents, with elements inspired by the flag of Chicago. The uniform has "Wrigleyville" on the front, in a lettering style similar to the Wrigley Field marquee.

Who makes the MLB jerseys? ›

In 2004, after 22 years of producing MLB batting practice jerseys and fan fashions, Majestic became the sole provider of on-field uniforms for all 30 MLB teams. The Majestic uniforms debuted on field in the 2005 season.

Will the Rangers get a City Connect jersey? ›

The Texas Rangers will debut their Nike City Connect jerseys during their game against the Oakland Athletics on April 21 at Globe Life Field.

Which teams are getting City Connect jerseys in 2023? ›

Braves, Rangers, Mariners, Reds, O's, Bucs to don alternate threads. Six more teams will be sporting City Connect uniforms during the 2023 season.

Why do Rangers have 5 stars on their shirt? ›

Each star above the Rangers crest represents winning 10 Scottish top flight titles since their establishment in 1872. Rangers have won 54 titles overall, a world record. This system is also used in other countries, such as the Netherlands, where Ajax have won 33 Eredivise titles.

What is the 7 patch on the Rangers uniform? ›

Gilbert died on Aug. 19, 2021, at the age of 80. The Rangers elected to honor Gilbert this season by adding a patch to their jerseys with his No. 7.

Why do Rangers wear 2 belts? ›

One is a regular belt, just with half of a velcro strip on it, to hold up their pants. The other is their gun belt, which can't really just be unbuckled if you gotta take a dump, or for ladies, any use of the toilet, so they can remove it without removing the one that goes through the belt loops.

Why do Cubs have Wrigleyville on uniform? ›

Why new Cubs jerseys say 'Wrigleyville' The uniforms themselves display “Wrigleyville” across the chest but were designed to give a nod to Chicago's 77 distinct community areas. They include light blue, red and white details, pulling from the Chicago flag's colors.

Do the Cubs have an L flag? ›

Currently, the Win Flag is composed of a large blue letter "W" on a white background while the Loss Flag is a large white letter "L" on a blue background.

Why is Chicago Cubs wearing pink? ›

Cubs to host Annual Pink Out game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Mother's Day. CHICAGO (CBS) – If you plan on watching Sunday's Cubs game, you'll likely see a lot of pink.

Do MLB players get to keep their uniforms? ›

Uniforms are washed, mended, and pressed to look brand new for each game. They do not leave anything behind. As long as the player does not tear or rip the jersey, they wear the same uniform for the entire season; if the jersey has a blood stain, the player must replace it before returning to the field.

Do MLB players pay for their uniforms? ›

How much do professional baseball players actually pay for their uniforms? The answer to this question is not determined by the players, as their team affiliations are different. A player's uniform may be paid for by his or her team, but others may be required to pay a portion of the cost or the entire cost themselves.

Who sells the most MLB jerseys? ›

For the second consecutive season, All-Star outfielder Mookie Betts has the most popular player jersey in Major League Baseball.

Who has the coolest City Connect jersey? ›

That said, let's look at the best in show.
  • City Connect No. 5: Atlanta Braves.
  • City Connect No. 4: Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • City Connect No. 3: Washington Nationals.
  • City Connect No. 2: Chicago White Sox.
  • City Connect No. 1: Miami Marlins.
  • Closing Thoughts.
Apr 6, 2023

Will City Connect jerseys be worn in 2023? ›

MLB and Nike announced the return of City Connect uniforms with six teams selected to unveil a new design during the 2023 season.

Where do MLB teams stay when they play the Rangers? ›

One of the best places to stay near Globe Life Park is the Sheraton Arlington Hotel. This full-service hotel is located right beside the park, and it's actually where all the visiting professional baseball teams stay when they're in town for a game.

Will the Reds get a City Connect jersey? ›

The Cincinnati Reds will have a new uniform for the 2023 season as Major League Baseball announced they'll be one of six teams to get their inaugural City Connect jersey this year.

How often do City Connect jerseys come out? ›

Major League Baseball teams are given a City Connect uniform each year.

Will the St Louis Cardinals have a City Connect Jersey? ›

The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the teams without a City Connect uniform left in all of baseball. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait another year to see what this uniform will look like, but we have gotten some new details on what to expect from them.

What does 66 mean Rangers? ›

The 1971 Ibrox disaster was a crush among the crowd at an Old Firm football game (Rangers v Celtic), which led to 66 deaths and more than 200 injuries. It happened on 2 January 1971 in an exit stairway at Ibrox Park (now Ibrox Stadium) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who has more fans Celtic or Rangers? ›

In terms of spectator numbers at live matches, Celtic. In terms of Scots who self-identify as a fan of either Celtic or Rangers, I believe Rangers edge it historically. Celtic sell a lot more replica tops worldwide than Rangers do, especially in North America.

Are Rangers one of the biggest clubs in the world? ›

Rangers has a long-standing rivalry with Celtic, the two Glasgow clubs being collectively known as the Old Firm, which is considered one of the world's biggest football derbies. With more than 600 Rangers supporters' clubs in 35 countries worldwide, Rangers has one of the largest fanbases in world football.

Who is Mr Ranger number 7? ›

At the beginning of the 1977–78 NHL season, Gilbert and Rangers' General Manager John Ferguson got into a contract dispute. He would retire after the season, his eighteenth in the NHL. His number 7 was retired by the Rangers on October 14, 1979, the first number to be retired by the team.

Who wears number 6 for Rangers? ›

Squad Rangers FC
28Robby McCrorie Goalkeeper24
33Jon McLaughlin Goalkeeper35
32Kieran Wright Goalkeeper22
6Connor Goldson Centre-Back30
28 more rows

Why do Rangers wear white hats? ›

Whether the summer sun was beating down or a thunderstorm was pounding rain, a good hat helped to keep a Ranger safe. As part of their dress code, modern Texas Rangers wear white or light-colored cowboy hats. They can wear straw hats in the summer and felt hats in the winter.

Are Rangers as elite as seals? ›

Army Rangers and Navy SEALs are two of the most prestigious military units in the United States, both offering very different experiences and opportunities. Both are special operations units in the U.S. military with elite soldiers who have demonstrated excellent physical and technical skills.

Are Rangers more elite than Marines? ›

Army Rangers go through much more of an in depth and grueling training process than that of your average Marine, such as SERE, Pathfinder, Air Assault, Airborne, and so forth. In order to join this elite fighting force, you must volunteer for the Rangers and complete airborne training.

Are Rangers more elite than Green Berets? ›

While both of these units are highly elite in their own right, the amount of specialized training it takes to be a Ranger is less than what it takes to be a Green Beret.

Are no ties allowed at Wrigley Field? ›

But in the Wrigley Field bleachers, few formalities are observed. ''Listen, fellows,'' he said pleasantly but firmly, ''the rule is you're not allowed to wear ties up here. Take 'em off. ''

Why did Wrigley sell the Cubs? ›

Wrigley cited as factors in the sale estate tax problems following the death of his parents in recent years and attempts to find a solution to the long-term financial needs of the Cubs. The Cubs lost $1.7 million last season and are reportedly headed for even greater losses this year.

What is the Y in the Chicago Cubs logo? ›

Inspired by Wolf Point, a y-shaped intersection of the Chicago River that cleaves the city into three sections, it's a design that is featured countless times throughout the area -- most famously on the marquee to the Chicago Theatre.

Is the Cubs owner Republican? ›

Todd M. Ricketts (born September 23, 1969) is an American businessman and politician who is a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, a member of the TD Ameritrade board of directors, and the current Republican National Committee Finance Chairman.

What does a white flag with a black W mean? ›

That tradition is the flying of the white “W” flag, which has been done to indicate Cubs victories since the 1930's.

Why do Cubs fans fly the W? ›

The scoreboard operators would raise a “W” flag for the Cubs wins and an “L” flag for the team's losses. It was an easy sign for neighbors or elevated-train riders on their way home to know the outcome of the Cubs game.

Why can't NFL players wear pink anymore? ›

Now, you can hardly see it anywhere. The NFL quietly but dramatically has shifted the traditional breast cancer awareness focus to a broader cancer-awareness effort. This has resulted in the replacement of pink with a broader array of colors, as reflected in the league's “Crucial Catch” logo.

Who is the guy in the pink hat behind the home plate at Wrigley Field? ›

Since 1967 Jim Anixter, better known as "the pink hat guy", has sat right behind home plate for almost every Cubs home opener. Anixter started wearing his signature outfit in the 1990s as a joke prompted by his wife asking him if he was really going to games.

What is the pink in MLB? ›

Each year, the used bats are auctioned off to raise funds for breast cancer charities. Many team-autographed commemorative home plates and pink lineup cards from each ballpark are sold as well.

Do MLB players get a new hat every game? ›

No, Major League Baseball players do not receive a new hat for every game. Instead, they typically have multiple hats that they rotate throughout the season. While some players may prefer to wear the same hat for every game, others will mix it up depending on their mood or the game situation.

What laundry detergent does MLB use? ›

The Best Way To Clean A Dirty Baseball Uniform

After that, spray the stains with Grease Lighting and rub them with Fels-Naptha soap. You can also clean the stains with a plastic brush. Arm and Hammer continues to be Major League Baseball's official laundry detergent, whereas OxiClean will remain the stain fighter.

Do baseball players buy their own shoes? ›

In general, pro baseball players do not buy their own equipment. The team provides them with whatever they need, from bats to gloves to cleats. The players may have a say in what kind of equipment they use, but they don't have to worry about buying it themselves.

Why are Texas Rangers wearing pink? ›

MLB players, coaches and umpires around the league are wearing pink Sunday in honor of Mother's Day.

What is the Texas Ranger Recon team? ›

The Ranger Reconnaissance Team is a highly trained tactical team carrying out specific missions, focusing on the Texas-Mexico border. The team is capable of operating covertly in remote areas where conventional law enforcement cannot operate.

What do national park Rangers wear? ›

For nearly a century since it was officially established, the USNPS underwent several major uniform changes, although several items, such as the distinctive campaign hat, are carry-overs from the early days. Eventually, the uniform became the gray shirt and green trousers that can be seen on NPS Rangers today.

Are Texas Rangers an elite force? ›

Most people know about them because of Chuck Norris and his television series, “Walker, Texas Ranger”. Many think of the “Lone Ranger”, and associate that character with the infamous law enforcement agency. In truth, the Texas Rangers have become the elite of the elite when talking about law enforcement.


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